If you love fashion and jewelry, you may dream of opening your own store – whether online or offline. For this dream to come true, good preparation is everything. Designs are one thing, choosing the right accessories is another. Because if you want to sell, you always have to think about the competition. The crystal beads wholesale is an important and good companion to offer fair prices in your own business.

Finding the right wholesaler

Showcase with jewelry in shopWholesalers differ in size, assortment and quality. It is therefore advisable to find a dealer in Germany or Europe. This offers several advantages:

On the one hand, the delivery is comparatively fast and the quality is guaranteed by appropriate legislation. If there are any problems, a suitable solution can be found quickly via customer service. And if the delivery does not meet the expectations, the return shipping can be used.

In addition, it is possible to purchase exactly those items that are in vogue in the prevailing market – which in other countries can differ greatly from the customer’s own area.
The desire of the customers and an appropriate offer in the own store are the goal – and in this way one can reach it easily and simply by suitable accessories.

Follow trends and order

If you want to be successful in your own business, you can’t help but keep an eye on current trends. Be it in the jewelry sector or in the fashion scene.

What is trendy is more likely to be bought. Of course, there are also timeless classics, but the own brand should usually stand out and convince with novel jewelry.

So that this succeeds offer the wholesale for jewelry accessories regularly new inspirations and pieces that are adapted to the current events. Trend-conscious purchase is thus playfully simple. You can orientate yourself on other brands in advance – similar products can then be purchased wholesale.

Price-conscious purchasing

To ensure that one’s own jewelry is successful in resale and brings in profits, purchasing at a good price is crucial. Wholesalers usually offer direct prices, which are so favorable because there are no middlemen. The goods are purchased directly from the manufacturer, which saves enormous costs. In addition, a corresponding trade offers discounts if certain quantities are purchased. Especially for all those who want to include trend-conscious mass-produced goods in their assortment in addition to purely unique items, ordering higher quantities is therefore a saving.

Accessories for costume jewelry as well as real jewelry can be purchased. Different alloys, gold platings or enamels make the choice large and the selection can be adapted very precisely to one’s own needs and ideas.


If you want to sell jewelry, you have to go with the trend and make the prices reasonable and fair. Wholesalers can help with both, as they not only pick up on current market developments and offer customers appropriate pieces, but also make purchase prices ideally calculable by offering discounts for higher quantities and dispensing with middlemen.

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