The Bachelor’s degree is an undergraduate degree. The Bachelor’s degree is therefore the prerequisite for admission to the Master’s program. Thus, the Master is the postgraduate degree. Today, 90 percent of all degree programs offered by universities lead to Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. An exciting journey begins with each degree program.

Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs have been around for two decades

When people talk about MBA vs Master today, older people often don’t know what to do with the technical terms. About 20 years ago these study programs were created. Bologna in Italy was the pioneer. From then on it was decided to standardize the degrees in Europe.

With the Bachelor’s thesis, students graduate after about 6 to 8 semesters. It is possible to start working afterwards. Alternatively, a Master’s degree can still be added at this point. What many students from past decades do not know is that you can get a Master’s degree, for example, after a medical degree. This way, the desired specialist knowledge is further expanded and the professional career opportunities are increased. Decades ago, this was not possible for the medical field.

Have all degree programs been converted?

Almost all the courses of study have been converted. However there is still a need for change regarding the courses of study with state examinations. The Bachelor’s degree is therefore not yet available in the fields of medicine, law and jurisprudence. The reason for this is that the state examination courses are not within the sphere of influence of the universities. At the same time, the courses of study for the teaching profession have already been converted in many federal states. The courses are combined into modules so that streamlining is possible.


What happens if your grades are bad in your Bachelor’s degree?

It is entirely possible that a poor Bachelor’s degree will prevent you from continuing your studies. The universities set their own admission requirements.

It is also possible to take a Master’s degree at a university with a Bachelor’s degree from a university of applied sciences. However, the universities themselves set the regulations. The basic requirement for the Master’s degree is a university degree with professional qualifications. Further requirements are set by the respective university. The job market accepts the degrees well. There was criticism at the time of implementation. People criticized the shortened duration of the studies and the introduction of new degrees. With the Master’s degree from Universities of Applied Sciences, access to the higher civil service is easy. The degree is widely accepted at the workplace these days. Only sometimes there is still confusion about the meaning of MBA vs Master in daily conversations  with non professionals . The economy and all other areas deal with the terminology in their field of activity on a daily basis.

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