A bathroom renovation offers many possibilities to make the bathroom really modern. With Stone Veneer or other new fixtures and tiles, the renovation is safe. It is always good to plan exactly beforehand. A disabled bathroom can also be created in this way.

Inspirations on the websites

The Stone Veneer is a real stone veneer and has a cleavage-hard feel. The differences that the customer sees in the structure or the spaltrauen surface are not an oversight. It is a very natural stone veneer. This is millions of years old and very individual within the broadcast. Thus, an imitate is created in the bathroom and at the same time a unique piece in the bathroom renovation. The term itself comes from English. It is a stone veneer, a very thin layer of stone. This layer is then applied as a decorative material for cladding. However, it is not sustainable. This stone cladding is a simulated stone. This can be applied to buildings or to another structure that is made of a completely different material.

Tips for bathroom renovation

For a bathroom renovation, you should consider exactly what the budget looks like. What do you want to make of the bathroom and what exactly does it look like? It is also important to carry out financial planning. You can replace the sanitary objects or turn the bathroom into a real wellness oasis in the future. A detailed plan is essential. If you take over the smaller works here, such as the installation of the sink, the installation of a free-standing bath worm or other things himself, saves enormous costs. In the case of luxurious sanitary elements, on the other hand, one should use the help of the expert.

Plan correctly

The renovation begins with the planning. If you plan Stone Veneer here, for example, you need to know what it looks like. The floor plan is important and the shower, bathtub, toilet and sinkmust be precisely placed. This can be clearly seen on the map. A lack of freedom of movement, for example, would be a planning error that can be avoided. It is important to plan a clearance of approx. 100 to 150 cm in front of the sink or the toilets. The size of the bathroom is also important when planning. The equipment and furnishings need to be carefully considered. The color world is defined and the light should be adjusted accordingly. Many of the things are important in planning and remodeling or renovating. In a small bathroom you can create a lot of space. DAwith it looks bigger, space-saving equipment is crucial. A corner shower or a corner bathtub also creates space. It is also recommended to choose narrow sinks and furniture in this case. Storage space is important and these things save space. Bright colors and many mirrors or a large mirror also create optical size together with optimal illumination. It is worth planning carefully here.