The Japanese role-playing game series has been thrilling players all over the world since 1987. In the meantime, 15 parts of the successful game have been released. Final Fantasy XI was the first MMORPG to be released. This one takes the gaming experience to another level. Dive into a new world with all your friends at the same time.

A novel experience through MMORPG

An MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) is a role-playing game that can be played over the Internet. Thousands of gamers dive into a fantasy world at the same time. This gives you the opportunity to complete the quests of the game with your real or virtual friends. Decide between different servers, centers, jobs, classes and races. The 15th part of the video game resembles its MMORPG predecessor. By completing various orders and missions, you’ll progress through the game step by step. The world of Final Fantasy is called Eorzea. In the city-states you meet and gather your friends. Together you’ll face the challenges and progress through the tasks.

Final Fantasy

Dive into the world of Eorzea

Create characters of your choice. You decide on a starting class at the beginning. However, this can be changed in the course of the game. Inform yourself in advance, because with the choice of the starting class, you decide for a starting zone. If you want to start in the same zone, choose your class accordingly. The main scenario provides exciting stories and game worlds. By interacting and completing tasks, you’ll earn experience points. Thus, you’ll improve as the game progresses. Gil is the currency in all Final Fantasy games. FFXIV Gil are also available for purchase online.

Tips for beginners

It’s not easy to find your way around the world of FFXIV, which is confusing at the beginning. Make it easier for yourself to get started by joining a guild. There are over ten free societies. Use the newcomer chat. Here you can get advice and have open questions answered by mentors. The Final Fantasy mentors will even help you explore the game world. Orient yourself to the main scenario and its tasks. This will help you get a better and better feel for the game.

The main quest runs like a thread through the fantasy world. Step by step, you’ll explore more and more of Eorzea, earn experience points and gain confidence in your actions. Mounts and airships are an integral part of Final Fantasy. This is how you’ll get from one place to another. At level 20 you can buy your first mount. For this you need a Chocobo license. This can be purchased for 200 state thalers. You will receive the thalers when you fulfill an entry in the section of your society. As you can see, the game is not difficult to understand. The game world promises great things for you and your friends.

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